My 5 Favorite Metaphysical Books I Read Often

I am an avid reader! I love opinions, perspective, facts, and all that good knowledge that you can find in a book. I love reading books.

This day in age we have grown accustomed to finding quick bits of information via a speedy google search. This can be beneficial for those who need the information fast but there is nothing like a book jammed pack with answers. This could be a book that is used to refer to for information often or a book that provokes deep thoughts to gain a better understanding.

My 5 favorite metaphysical books that I read often are just that, books that I either use to recall information when I am working or books that I use to grasp a deeper spiritual understanding of self. I have listed each book below with a short description about why I use this book often and how you can get this book too.

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NEW Falling Leaves Wallpaper

I made a wallpaper with falling leaves. You get it fall…ing leaves!?

I thought it would be really cool to create a wallpaper for my lockscreen that would represent my favorite season of the year…Autumn. I could feel the shift of the season it’s like spirit woke up. I love watching mother nature give her last burst of life right before she experiences death and the snow falls.

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