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belly button demon illustration by shan bae

art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but offers the space to focus on liberating the mind through creativity.

art bae club by shan bae

the art bae club is a discord server for artist to share their work, give and receive feedback, talk about their art experience, and so much more. this community is growing and we would like for you to join us as we celebrate our creative self expression. click the button below to join now.

every sunday at 12 pm, i stream live art meditations with music on twitch. if you are interested in catching me live click the button below and follow me on twitch to receive notifications when i go live.

the healer keychains are macrame crystal bead keychains for people who would like to travel with crystals or already carry crystals with them throughout the day. carrying a keychain is a much more organized and well-kept alternative to just carrying individual crystals in your pocket or purse. you can browse the collection of keychains i handmade by clicking the button below.

contact by shan bae

your contribution will help me grow as an artist and entrepreneur. you can support me by making a one-time donation or a monthly patronage. your offering will go towards the upkeep of my website, projects, and my financial responsibilities. thank you for believing in me!