photo of person holding green leaf


green leaf plant in brown pot inside room


close up photo of swiss cheese leaf



this space is the embodiment and expression of my love. from art to medicine, all of my offerings blend to become a collection of holistic modalities.

the art of dragon medicine is the practice of summoning our inner healer through breath, art, and shadow work. i am honored to offer my artistic guidance to inspire, empower, and motivate beings on their path to realizing their higher self. i am doing my work to cultivate change and awakening in all beings.

  • a tree in winter by shan bae

    a tree in winter

    tiny snowflake patterns laced in white veil like a halo upon her crown adorning her train a skirt laid like a blanket of snow

  • unboxing digital painting by shan bae


    lost in destiny a confined box not enough space for me here i am just here for the pieces i lost

  • illustration for possibility a poem by shan bae


    what would come of life if sovereignty was a given dancing cliffs

art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but instead offers the space to focus on intuitive creation + liberating the mind

– shan bae

SUN meditationS

a live voice stream every sunday via twitter (feb-may + aug-nov). this session is for summoning the healer in the collective + experiencing love through art.


Art meditationS

a private group session or 1on1 for the release + flow of energy through creative expression. this will be a video/voice meeting. video is not required.



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