• abstract line art girl hanging from ceiling in tshirt
  • maturation wallpaper created by shan bae
  • abstract line art colors girl sitting in field of grass friend palmystree
  • abstract line art sunflower growing from womans face
  • abstract line art woman with flowers growing from hand
  • abstract line art naked man flower growing from face tattoos
  • abstract line art woman grasping body with flowers growing from skin

The Art of Yoga

For me, art has always been a holistic medicine interconnected with the teachings of Yoga. I refer to this as Dragon Medicine; it is an artistic form of shadow work that alchemizes the energy of emoceans into love by setting intentions and being mindful of the present. Photopoetry, meaning the collaborative expression of emoceans through photography, poetry, and short stories is what you will find here alongside my digital paintings.


ai art of a being walking down a red road with two towers on both sides and fog in the background

baetober: upside down

i walked this blood stain road for miles
arriving at the fork at prisoners cage
a fate of mine intended for a purpose
i could hear the moans of starvation

dead end ai art glowing orange light fog spooky darkness a person stands at the base of a mound

baetober: dead end

a mound towering over me
i had come to know the light at the end of the tunnel
a ghastly cloaked figure
fluid motions of dusty gray linens

a photo of a decaying heart with flowers and blood vessels intertwining ai art


a lie
i am building a wall of thoughts
scraping the skies above me
a towering fortress no one dare climb

a photo of two people sitting next to each other energetically blending into one another in the sky ai art

the things i love

i just love you
the very first time…i loved you
we opened up and swallowed one another
on a high induced by the chemistry of our two souls meeting

Art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but instead offers the space to focus on intuitive creation and liberating the mind.