How You Can Obtain Joy Through Enlightenment and Free Yourself of Guilt

I have been feeling rather reserved lately. Not wanting to share but knowing that if I could reach out someone may be shown compassion during their time of need.

Sometimes people need that small sense of someone being there and empathizing with whatever they are going through.

I understand.

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Personal Hiatus

Due to personal reasons I won’t be on my social media accounts or on my blog for a little bit. I will be back very soon and I am not leaving forever but I just need to attend to some personal business that is very important.

If you want to reach me and speak with me via email please do so my going to the send me a love letter page. I will try to respond as quickly as possible but the times may vary.

I hope that you all continue to grow and find love in this new year. Stay strong!

Infinite Love 🖖🏼


Nothing and Everything

Last week I was having the hardest time dealing with the stress in my life. I felt really depressed followed by a very anxious feeling in my chest. The anxiety led me right into a sleep attack and I just had to let go. I’ve always felt like people who are truly depressed really give up and I thought I couldn’t be experiencing the same thing because underneath it all I refused to give up. Continue reading Nothing and Everything

The Awesome Blogger Award Nomination

I have been blogging for many years now and I never thought that I would be a nominee for a blogger award. This came in total surprise and I am loving it!

It is crazy but with this new start on my blog journey I have come in contact with so many beautiful people. You all have been affirming my purpose on this journey and I am so grateful for every single person who takes their time to read what I have to say. Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award Nomination

Mental Health. Wattpad Story. Awesome Blog Award.

I know it has been many days since my last post but wait let me explain!

The holidays just passed us recently.

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A Colored White Girl

When I was younger my differences were brought to my attention by the race of people I was told I belonged to

Before then I had no sense of skin tones and what the hell melanin was

I begin to compare

And before then I had no sense of self awareness

But here I was stepping into my new light surrounded in darkness

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