this space is the embodiment and expression of my love. from thought to physical manifestation, all of my offerings blend to become a collection of holistic modalities.

the art of dragon medicine is the practice of summoning our inner healer through breath and art as a form of shadow work. i am honored to offer my artistic guidance to inspire, empower, and motivate beings on their path to realizing their higher self. i am doing the work to cultivate change and awakening in all beings.


white flowers with yellow stems in nature


white linen dresses
100% organic
standing in the sun’s rejuvenating blessings
swaying in ovation

a tree in winter by shan bae

a tree in winter

tiny snowflake patterns laced in white veil
like a halo upon her crown
adorning her train
a skirt laid like a blanket of snow

unboxing digital painting by shan bae


lost in destiny
a confined box
not enough space for me here
i am just here for the pieces i lost

art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but instead offers the space to focus on intuitive creation + liberating the mind

– shan bae


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