• abstract line art girl hanging from ceiling in tshirt
  • maturation wallpaper created by shan bae
  • abstract line art colors girl sitting in field of grass friend palmystree
  • abstract line art sunflower growing from womans face
  • abstract line art woman with flowers growing from hand
  • abstract line art naked man flower growing from face tattoos
  • abstract line art woman grasping body with flowers growing from skin


This space is the embodiment and expression of pain transmuted into love. From emoceans to thoughts, the stagnant energy of the pain body is physical manifested through blended practices of art and yoga.

The Art of Dragon Medicine is the practice of summoning the inner healer through the breath and art as a form of shadow work. I am honored to offer my art and words to inspire, empower, and motivate beings on their path to realizing their full potential. I am doing the work to cultivate change and awakening in all beings.


woman in window photography by kinga cichewicz


you wake up one morning
and with realization you say…
i am the woman they speak of
scorned and torn from her essence

woman in red dress

long sleeves

i wanted you to open my hands
and slip into the heart i loosely wear on my sleeves
undress me and breathe in my nudity
pull apart the intimate layers

broken by shan bae


i am the space between two wholes
i am the space between the two parts of me
a hollow heart beating echoes in an empty well
my eyes are wide but i’m still without vision

homeless man's fire by shan bae

homeless man’s fire

it’s when i hear the flesh of my heart being torn like paper
i am triggered
i intuitively feel what i remember 
it’s you


Art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but instead offers the space to focus on intuitive creation and liberating the mind.