To give love is to know love and in return love will know you.

-Shan Bae

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About Her

Shan Bae

Creative Writer | Artist | Healer

The purpose I am meant to fulfill in my lifetime is inspiration. With the gifts that I have been given, I offer the chance to be inspired through creative writing, art, and healing.

To give love is to know love and in return love will know you.

Shan Bae
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I’m Losing

Did you fall for me or the idea of easy company
So many questions but never enough answers
I’m pulling assumptions like cards to calm my own thoughts
Trying to guide myself to see my way out of the dark

Love In December

There is something for everyone here
The love is in the air
Can you feel it
See it
Visually appealing to the peering eyes of mine
I want to know it


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