this space is the embodiment and expression of my love. from thought to physical manifestation, all of my offerings blend to become a collection of holistic modalities.

the art of dragon medicine is the practice of summoning our inner healer through breath and art as a form of shadow work. i am honored to offer my artistic guidance to inspire, empower, and motivate beings on their path to realizing their higher self. i am doing the work to cultivate change and awakening in all beings.



I had a dream…
I was cutting down a tree and it fell onto me in our house

strawberries collaboration by shan bae and palmystree


pink fresco lightly painted to taste
handpicked and homegrown
thrown in a wooden bowl
a cottage aesthetic

a mom and kid by wesley mc lachlan

my perfect day

to rise in the morning
sunshine on my face
a space to be; meditate
a cup of tea
warm familiarity


july's art reading illstration

july’s art reading

welcome to the month of july! this is an overall energetic forecast for the collective in artistic form. please take […]

june art reading digital automatic painting

june’s art reading

this is our time to create a union between the mind, body, and spirit and let the divinity of this trinity hum an echo that will be sure to manifest whatever our heart desires into a physical presence.

person holding yellow sunflower

may’s sun reading

there is beauty that exist in the chaos of growth. how will you observe your experience moment by moment? can you observe the beauty or are you pressed to place judgement on the chaos?


rainbow over eye

weekly affirmation: june 26 – july 2

it is the unfolding of the vision’s inception and our gratitude along the way that connects us with the deeply rooted purpose in all that comes to fruition.

weekly affirmation: june 19-25

– i am creatively flowing with divine wisdom and love
– i surrender to the endless stream of creativity

an eclipse and dark background

orange diamond

today i am grateful for my compassion (ahimsa). today i grateful for my commitment to truth (satya). today i am grateful for diminishing feeling of greediness and lack (asetya). today i am grateful for my ability to use my energy for intentional goodness (brahmacharya). today i am grateful for my practice of letting go (aparigraha). 

art meditation is a flow state that does not require forced silence but instead offers the space to focus on intuitive creation + liberating the mind

– shan bae