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100 Post and 80 Friends

Today marks the day I have written to you 100 times.

Well now 101 if you count this post that I am sending to you now.

Many years ago, I started blogging and it was quite relieving to put my feelings out there. Although I hardly got a response from anyone, I was excited to be in control of something that was for me.I was use to my life being a mess that I was tired of cleaning up. I had so many unknown health problems and I feared doing normal everyday stuff like most of the stuff you do everyday. I tipped-toed around trying to find ways to make myself feel worthy and deserving of more. I wanted to feel more of myself than just the sick person I was.

So when I started blogging I chose to just pour out all kind of everything I was feeling into poetry. I told myself this was my safe place and here I can be me no matter how disturbing or sad.

Here I write for me.

Now, I write and all of you come along commenting about how my poetry has changed you or inspired you. I know this to be true because I have inspired myself and through me I inspire the world.

This is my projection to you, my perception of me.

In all I just want to say…

Thank you for your support, your time, your love, and your presence. I am forever grateful for you returning to my home and celebrating everything that dwells here.

If you are new to my blog, please support in whatever way you can. I would love for you to subscribe so you can find me and send me love letters. There is always a donation button in the sidebar (desktop) or in the menu above (mobile) if you feel compelled to give. Sharing is always a great way to support and show love for my art.

Love you,

Shan Bae



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