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12.1 Chakra Oracle Reading

I am now stepping into my one week cleanse for my reiki attunement and I am taking this opportunity to work with my new set of chakra oracle cards to guide my meditation.

I purchased them some weeks ago but I am just now peeling back the plastic and getting acquainted with them. When they arrived I opened them to read the beginning of the book but then I decided to put them aside for this moment specifically to use them for this week before my attunement.

I wanted to share my journey out loud. So this is my way of starting to share officially.

Creation | She Shaman

I will guide you to your muse

She Shaman

Message: Let go

Key Ideas: Finding your muse; owning your gifts

Keywords: Creativity; muse; magic

There are so many keywords and other things of the sorts in the book pertaining to the creation card but these things stuck out to me the most. During my card meditation spirit spoke through me…

Write. Listen. Speak.

In that order.

People are looking for guidance. The world is in so much turmoil because their spirits are lost. Wandering. There are so many influences in this world and it’s your job to choose if you will assist in guiding those who need it.

Today will you guide them through the light or will you remain lost in the darkness.

Share your words with those that come to you. You may not touch them today but tomorrow is a different story.

Listen to their words. Allow them their chance to be heard and when this selfless act of love goes out it will come back.

Say the truth. Keep the intent of words close to heart.

Let. Go of the things you cannot change. For your expectations are the very things that hold you back.

Give it all to the light and trust the universe.

I love you!


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