15, the Girl in the Void

15, the Girl in the Void

Whenever I think of you I always recall the first time I saw you. I can still feel your eyes frisking my soul, how the electrifying energy zipped through my body stopping my heart and how I forgot to breathe. I use to believe that I ran from you out of fear of knowing the truth but it was quite the opposite. I was to know all of you, everything that made you good but the fear came from everyone’s disdain of the bad that made you who you were.

You were this foreign impostor invading my body in ways that I had never felt, just by looking at me so I wondered if I fell into you, how good would I feel. I became addicted to your drug and I hadn’t even tasted you yet.

You began to unfold me, opening me up to feel a new sensation, lust. You knew what you were doing, possessing my body like a virus. The thing is you hadn’t even touched me yet. So I wondered how loud would my heaven cry out for you in your presence because I was sure you would only feel as immaculate as a god.

I can still feel the softness of each kiss firmly placed onto my lips. I remember the sensation of falling into a million rose petals and every one of them caressing my skin at once. Overwhelming vibrations surging through my body and tingling in the roof of my mouth; I was numb.

You were my void. The place of nothingness but my everything.


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