Give Me Love

A scorned heart

Burned every time you see what I believe is beautiful

And say nothing

Your eyes fill up with thoughts

But I could never hear them

The disconnect puts me at a disadvantage

I believe this was cut off in good sense

For our communication to grow in it’s original language


Say that you love me when I feel my soul light up

Cling to the days when I dress up so that I can remember them when I question my beauty

Be the love I’ve given to you when I feel as though my love has gone

Say that you love me and forever I will remember your words


Published by

Shan Bae

Shan is a poet, graphic designer, and natural jewelry designer. I am open to connect and network with people who are interested in working with me. I would love to collaborate with others on writing or guest blogging. You are always welcome to send me a love letter on my blog to reach me as well. Send inquiries to:

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