How I Am Easin’ On Down the Rainbow Bridge!

Yes that was a reference from “The Wiz” rewritten by my own quirky brain. I am a 90’s baby and so therefore I possess this marvelous power that some of the new babies wasn’t around to obtain.

Good day little lights!

It has been a few days since my reiki attunement and I must say that the experience was very relaxing. I met really nice yoga enthusiasts who ran the shop where my Reiki Master Teacher worked. They have the most beautiful yoga studio/yogi shop/art gallery/everything else that it was in Kearney, MO.The session with my teacher was really comfortable, enlightening, and liberating. We talked about the history, discussed how sessions should go, and she even did some energy work on me.

My attunement wasn’t anything like a magic show or a paranormal movie but I did experience different sensations such as warmth in my torso, that prickly goosebump on my scalp, and visual things. This things were minor but for the most part I experienced just a deep and relaxed meditative state. It was so deep I couldn’t open my eyes for like 5 minutes afterwards.

If you are considering taking this path to become an energy healer, I suggest you take some time to really think about what you want. Be sure to take some time to connect with your teacher and ask questions as they come to you.

My Intentions

My intention is love.

I have a strong desire to help people. I have so many people come to me for advice and I now know this is something I can no longer ignore. Clearing my chakras, connecting to the light, and learning what I need to become an energy healer is a step a needed to take in order to protect myself from depleting all of my energy.

I am a true self love advocate. I find this very easy to say and even harder to practice. I am constantly learning to be better, to put ego aside, to learn from the external lessons of the universe, and to just love me no matter what. I want my life to be dedicated to the promise of practicing self love and advocating self love as well. Gettin certified in Reiki Level I is the first step to affirming who I am and growing on my journey.

Now that I have taken this step to protect myself and the people coming to me I can feel confident in providing services to people without attachment.

Here are a few services I offer as of late…

Send A Love Letter

This is something I started months ago for people who just wanted to reach out and talk to me about whatever has them moved. If you would like to connect me with me just click the link above and I will try to respond within 24-48 hours. These hours can be longer during the holidays.

Insaei Healing Chakra Chokers

The chokers that I make are for everyday wear, meditation, or a beautiful reminder to give to self (kind of like a promise ring). Each choker has a meaning corresponding to the color representing the chakra and the gemstone. The natural hemp is a really cool because it is natural, it can be worn in the water, and each time the fibers are in water they become stronger together. If you would like to order your very own choker click the link above to receive free shipping.

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

You can receive a triad chakra reading for free with an option to donate funds for your session. If you are interested in getting read click the link above and I will meet you there.

Talk to you soon!

Choker of the Day

Vishuddha Truth Choker

3 Lapis Lazuli 8mm Beads. Natural Blue Hemp Cord. Ties In The Back. Chakras: Throat, Third Eye. Size and color may vary.


2 Replies to “How I Am Easin’ On Down the Rainbow Bridge!”

    1. Thank you! Your wife may love them too!! Yes, you would need to contact a Reiki Master Teacher in order to do an attunement. If you are interested, research is a curious minds best friend. I will post more on this subject in the near future as well. I love the metaphysical world of science.

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