How You Can Obtain Joy Through Enlightenment and Free Yourself of Guilt

I have been feeling rather reserved lately. Not wanting to share but knowing that if I could reach out someone may be shown compassion during their time of need.

Sometimes people need that small sense of someone being there and empathizing with whatever they are going through.

I understand.

So I committed to sharing with you on the following day which I felt the time would be better in a sense, anyways.

Last night I drew three cards. This was very weird for me because I only like working with one card but I was encouraged to draw two more. The three cards that were pulled were joy, guilt, and enlightenment.

Each of these cards come with a small story for the character shown on the card but I will get to the gist of the message and save that for your session with me.


What can I do to invite happiness into my life?

Our purpose in life is to act as a conduit for joy in life. It is never enough to just be present. We should experience the things that are offering us joy as well.

Think of 3 things that bring you joy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing these things. Experience the joy you feel in this moment and let it expand.


Am I giving away too much time and energy, and resenting it?

Sometimes we take on obligations that are not our own to bare. We enable people around us to drain us of our energy and power to achieve things through us.

Do not do for others what they need to do for themselves.

Your honesty can be the path to freedom away from the guilt that you believe is anger. Break these energetic attachments and take some time to practice self-care in this time of healing.


My thoughts always drive my choices. How can I use my thoughts to heal myself?

Truly, the only way to peace is through your fears. How do you conquer your fears and move onto peace? You do this by taking some time to connect and reflect on everything that makes up what you fear.

Write down 3 fears you have and close your eyes. Imagine your fears staying with you always and then imagine releasing them. Which one is more painful? In which one did you feel peace?

Meditate on this and feel everything that comes up thoroughly. Feel the peace, feel the fear, and then notice your bodily changes during these moments. Ask yourself which one did you desire more and go to that. Let go!

If you are interested in doing a personal spread for yourself please click here. I will be more than happy to work with you.

May the light be with you 🖖🏼

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