My Watty Book Update

For years now, I have been contemplating writing series on Wattpad. When I originally made my very first account I didn’t see any poetry or any that I remember. Back then, Wattpad didn’t look as cool as it does now nor did it have a flourishing section just for poetry.I was also caught up in trying to match with the other writers and they were all doing short stories or novels. Yeah I am not that dedicated to long times spent figuring out characters and endings. Linking the story together after such a long period of writing just was too much for me to wrap my head around.

Kudos to the amazing writers who do it. We all truly adore you!

Here recently, Wattpad has made some beautiful changes that made me come back to give it a go. I was having the hardest time finding the perfect place to share my writing prompt poetry collection….

And then this light bulb went….DING!!!

Share them on Wattpad and on that marvelous day I begin uploading “Breathe”. Shortly after I begin my November writing challenge, I uploaded “Layers of Me” to Wattpad.

Here are the links to my Wattpad works…




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Shan Bae

my name is shan bae. i am a 26 year old married mother and artist. i enjoy blogging, writing poetry, making jewelry, and creating art. i created this website to have a place to share my poetry, encourage people to write, and sell my jewelry.

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