I was mad because I wanted you to myself

I wanted you the way she has you now

I needed you but you needed her

I unzipped the pocket in my worn out heart

You know the one that has the small hole in it

Just enough to stick the tip of your finger insideYes that one

I unzipped it and opened it

And there was your heart inside of mine

I handed back to you your possessions only to see you smile

You were my reason but maybe that was wrong for me

Of me

You were my reason my words were spoken out loud

You were my audience

You listened to the words i had never heard myself say

You were the first

I feel as though you raped me for my spoken word virginity

I mean it was my first time

The first these words

My words leaped off the pages of a binded composition notebook

I read them to you

Didn’t you hear me

I never looked at it as you taking from me

You left me empty

Stolen the only love I had known of

We loved each other mentally

You dreamt of our bodies conversing intellectually

We were so focused on the mind of the other that we lost time

You were my best friend

So I sat back as you walked across the room and placed your valentine heart in someone else’s box

I watched as she caressed the cheek of the man who had stolen his love from me to give to someone else



Published by

Shan Bae

my name is shan bae. i am a 26 year old married mother and artist. i enjoy blogging, writing poetry, making jewelry, and creating art. i created this website to have a place to share my poetry, encourage people to write, and sell my jewelry.

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