A Colored White Girl

When I was younger my differences were brought to my attention by the race of people I was told I belonged to

Before then I had no sense of skin tones and what the hell melanin was

I begin to compare

And before then I had no sense of self awareness

But here I was stepping into my new light surrounded in darkness

AloneWith no reason for being treated with such rudeness


Left alone to purposely be forgotten

My skin wasn’t chocolate so I wasn’t black

I was white by default

Nobody likes a white girl at a black school who seemingly excels in her white privilege

But I had none of that

I was far from that

Even though in my eyes I had hair just like them

They didn’t see that

Even though my parents were brown unlike me they didn’t see that

Even though I listened to the 90s hits

Jammed to blues at a bar with my black relatives

They didn’t see that

I was born black and yet because my skin was as yellow as the sun I couldn’t be black

They threw stones at me like I had been sentenced to death

Slowly I lost sight of my right to be here

To be loved

To know what it was I did so wrong to deserve such torment

I was meant to perish

Without understanding of why I couldn’t be different

I was white to them and a colored girl to the people they hated


A white colored girl

12 Replies to “A Colored White Girl”

      1. Haahaa You answer the questions I sent along with 5 people you want to nominee now with new questions. You create a whole new post like mine with a new award picture and post it. Basically I think everyone is a winner is the point. It’s lengthy so if you don’t have time, I understand 😊😀

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  1. thats horrible. I don’t understand why people have to behave like this. well. thanks for sharing maybe somebody will read it and learn to be kind and see beyond race and color.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


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