Inside, Outside Happy All the Time

The best thing I have ever done is put the outside on mute and listen to the inside. Meaning the outside being the mirror I live in front of and the inside being the source of the reflection. I took some time to understand how much of the outside I was taking in and what I needed to filter out. I needed to let go of some things because I realized some of those things were invading my body like a virus. I didn’t want that stuff in there possessing me.

So I sat down and put the outside on mute to focus on my divine diet.

When I went in I realized the volume and busyness of the outside was so loud I couldn’t hear the answers I was in need of.

Like for instance when my outside is rainy, gloomy, or sad I learned to turn inside and ask why.

In order to receive the answer, I needed to understand how I became so sad. That understanding always starts at the beginning of that deep rooted experience that shakes me every so often.

Being there with myself, the answer presented itself to me and everything made sense. Being sad wasn’t so hard anymore because I now had the opportunity to access the knowledge that granted me the power to change it. Why? Because I knew what I needed to change.

I know a lot of the time I feel hopelessness because that sadness, my neighbor that never strays too far, has come to visit me for our routine visit. Usually as soon as I feel it I’m like..

“Ugh…OMG not today!”

But sadness is persistent because it has an important message or story to share with me. I just need to be open to listen.

If you can relate to my message today, I just ask that you be in that moment to grieve parts of yourself and let go. Be patient. There’s absolutely no rush. Take some time to allow yourself that deep rest you’ve been needing.


The clouds will part and the sun will shine.

You will then be able to attribute your happiness to your spiritual growth that you guided and the deep rest you allowed yourself to move through.

Trust me I know. My clouds have parted many times before and I am sure they will continue because I am proud to say that I am forever growing.

Infinite Love 🖖🏼

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