5 Things You Should Know

I know it has been a minute but I am back and I am better in sense I suppose. So many things have happened since we last spoke and it has been a very challenging journey. I don’t want to get into all the crazy stuff so I thought I would give you important stuff.

Here are 5 things you should know….

1. The End of Insaei Healing

Insaei Healing is an alternative healing business that I own and have been managing for quite some time now.

All things that begin must come to an end but with each death is a rebirth.

Shan Bae

That was such a beautiful line for such a sad time but I suppose it is like that sometimes. I know that you may be reading this like OMG what happened but I just want you to know that all is not lost. While Insaei Healing will be retired as a brand, I will go on to continue my energy work under my name and use my name as the new brand.

This is my way of combining all of who I am into one website so that my work load will be less and my productivity will become better. Y’all I am exhausted! It is too hard running multiple businesses.

Some of what I did under Insaei Healing will be included her on this website but there are a few things that will retire along with Insaei Healing. I haven’t finalized those plans but when I do I will let you know soon.

2. Book Illustrations

While I was away I was working hard on becoming a better artist and understanding what I wanted to do in the long haul. I was offered a few chances to do some commissioned artwork and this in turn lead me to receive an awesome opportunity to work with a woman who wanted me to illustrate her children’s book.


This story is a beautiful message about a tree who discovers love for self through encouragement from her friends. This book is significant to me because my daughter’s name is Willow and I am a true advocate for self love. I am a truly excited and grateful to have this opportunity to bring this story to life.

3. Inktober is HERE

Do you follow me on Instagram? NO! Oh no you should because it is Inktober and I have committed myself to participating in all the fun.

Don’t expect great timing from me because some days I skip but I always make up for it by cramming them together. You can check out the ones I have done so far. While you are double tapping you can follow me as well.


4. Phone Papers

I may not be able to paint your walls for you but I can paint your phone. Yes let me paint them!! I am in the process of creating fun wallpapers for you to use on your phone.

I will launch these cuties as free wallpapers for 30 days and then after that they will be just $1.11. Yes a small fee that some will have to pay that will help me pay my bills. Check out the first wallpaper I made and share it with your peeps!

If you are on my mailing list you will get first grabs at a new wallpaper every time I add one to my shop. Have you subscribed yet? No!! Do it now so you won’t miss out.

Success! You're on the list.


I am working hard day and night to make what seems to be the impossible happen. Yes it is time for art prints! For now I will be outsourcing the printing solution but oh very soon I will be printing everything myself.

That means lower prices with the same quality prints. I am speaking it into existence and letting life flow. Say it with me…PRINTS ARE COMING!

If you would like to help with this just go right over to Insaei Healing and check out what is in sale. All of the remaining jewelry is on sale and will be retired so you will have a unique one of a kind choker by yours truly.

That’s all I have to share with you for now! Do your best and be great!!!

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