True Life Series: Golden Circle

Why am I writing this series?

I am writing The True Life Series because I believe practicing mindfulness can awaken your true self. By awakening the true self, the fantasy self is exposed, and the illusion of the material world is shattered. The practice of minimalism becomes more than just a trend about having less, but a holistic way to mindfully acquire what will serve you to your highest good in your rich life.

True Life Series: Golden Circle

The less space you give to things that do not serve you the more space you have to give to the things that do.

– Shan Bae

How will I write this series?

I am writing the True Life Series in parts, discussing each step along the way. I will provide summarized notes and journal pages that will help you keep track of your progress. This series will be easy to read and interesting to follow as it all comes together. 

The parts are as followed:

  1. Poor Life
  2. Rich Life
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Fantasy Self
  5. True Self
  6. Inner Child
  7. Thoughts & Emoceans
  8. Materialism
  9. The Purge
  10. A Plan
  11. Then Repeat

What am I giving?

I am giving you my experience and what I’ve have learned so far from practicing minimalism. I will provide a step by step guide on how to change your mind about who you are and how to focus on growing your authentic self instead of the illusion you created to reach expectations that people around you have set. This information is coming from experience, intuitive hits, and things that I’ve read.

I have had at least 2 years to practice these things and experience the results of it myself. I am not a qualified medical professional and I do not recommend this as a cure to all. This series is meant to be used alongside pre-existing therapies or practices.

In Depth Review

What is the point of this series?

The True Life series is about innerstanding what you want your life to truly look like without outside influences controlling every aspect of who you are. You can begin to make changes when you can mindfully assess your life and say this is not the life that I wish to live. It is not the rich life that I can see myself thriving in but a poor life that I am struggling with.

Poor Life // Rich Life

A rich life vs a poor life, in this series doesn’t have a direct correlation to money per se but is speaking on your ability to thrive as a multidimensional being. If you can’t cultivate who you are creatively in your own space that is meant to serve you and assist you in becoming better, then are you truly living a rich life? To live this richer life, you must dig deeper to separate your fantasy self from your true self and firmly define who that is.

Fantasy Self // True Self

Everyone knows the definition of fantasy but often times your disassociation can put you in a space to feel you have to create this unrealistic version of yourself. You become aloft and untethered from the reality of you. Practicing psychospirituality (psychology & spirituality) is a good way to ground and connect you to your truth, so that you can begin building a solid foundation for a defined sense of self.

Inner Child

Now that you have stripped away falsehoods and fantasies, you can begin to parent and nurture your inner child. Your inner child can bear a lot of childhood trauma and may be the reason you disassociate from who you truly are. This is also the part of you that is innocent, bright, creative, explorative, and exciting. This is the part of you that you need to heal and give a chance to shine for once.


Thoughts // Emoceans

As you explore your inner child and tend to your wounds, your thoughts will be a big indicator of why certain occurrences trigger you to feel certain emoceans. As you explore these emoceans, you offer them the space to tell their story without being suppressed, making it easier for you to let go of the emocean that you feel. Assessing your the thoughts can help cultivate your mind and better manage your emoceans as symptoms, so that you can choose whether or not they serve your true self.

Materialism // Purge

Now that you know a little more about who you truly are, you can begin to purge everything that does not serve your truth. Purging away all the things that do not serve you in living a richer life is very therapeutic. The more you let go, the more room you will have to grow into who you truly are, so that you can experience your life holistically.

The Plan // Then Repeat

Once you know what this feels like you won’t ever want to go back.  You will need to create a plan that will help you to continue healing and living in the rich quality of life that you have built for yourself. 

Ask yourself why you feel you may need something? Is it in alignment with the way you want to live your life. 

Always question if something is serving you and remember that things that may serve you now may not serve you in the future, so stay mindful of this in every present moment.

Learn to accept change.

There will be times that you may lose your way and forget some of the things that you have learned because of the stress in life. Everyone has it and it’s okay! Just make sure that you use your True Life plan to realign yourself.

I will begin this series on Jan 1, 2020, to bring in a fresh perspective that will allow you to begin a new year with a better sense of self. No more “new year, new me” facades. Let’s step into a brand new decade with higher vibrations and more manifestations of our aspirations.

Until next time, do your best!

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