5 Reasons Why I Hate Being An Artist

I am good at creating my kind of art and I am in love with my ability to create but don’t get me wrong there are times when I just hate it. For me, being an artist is exhilarating and maddening at the same time but it is also an essential part of what makes me who I am. I couldn’t have a massive tantrum, tear it to shreds, and burn it to hell if I wanted to but the frustration can definitely irritate my soul.

This post was requested by a blogger friend Malik Elahi, who wanted me to speak on the difficulties that come with writing and creating art. So today I give you…

5 Reasons Why I Hate Being an Artist

Reason One – Writer’s Block
I am the best artist I can possibly be when I can pur into my writing and the most irritating thing that can happen is a block. It’s like someone built a wall between your heart and brain with a sign that says “Under Construction” but the crazy thing is you’re unaware of it until you are like “Today I shall write.” I can tell when writer’s block sets in the minute I stop to be present and realize that I have been cut off. I am usual lost for words and I can’t feeling myself in the present moment and it feels like no matter what I do it won’t let up. Last week was one of those times for me, I wrote a few things but man it was like straining on the toilet. I just couldn’t get it to flow out like it usually does on its own.

Reason Two – Quiet Time
I feel like the most annoying thing about being an artist is not being able to hear your own thoughts because it seems like the minute something good comes to mind someone is talking to you or something really loud is happening. So for me, quiet time in my house is hard to come by because I have to strategize around four kids to make it happen and I have to run in hide if I want to carry out a thought without it being drowned out by tiny voices. I also have my phone or a notebook so I can write things down but at times that causes to the confusion.

Seems like I am writing about mostly the writing side of artistry but I paint and draw too so not having that alone time to spread out to create projects with just the flow of energy minus the added influences from voices who be awesome too. Yeah but as of right now that doesn’t really happen!

Reason Three – Articulation
I know there are some people who have this idea that just because writers are good at writing that they can just spew out good stuff all the time. Uh no, I wish I could all the time but that isn’t realistic. Being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean at any given time I can describe exactly what I am feeling right on the spot. Sometimes I can’t put into words this feeling inside of me or I haven’t found the words in the English language that portrays the image I am looking for. That can be very frustrating because what may seem good enough to the reader may not be good enough for what I envision.

Reason Four – Perfection
Perfection has killed many great projects of mine. I am not sure if other artist have this problem but I get caught up in the details and a lot of the time it takes away from the entire piece. Whether it is a poem, drawing, painting, or some other cool art piece sometimes worrying about every little detail can get in the way and destroy the whole thing. I feel that mistakes have always made art great and being raw in that moment may take you in another direction away from your original plan.

Reason Five – Satisfaction
Satisfaction is not to be confused with perfection. When I say satisfaction, I mean that feeling of finishing your creation and it turns out really good but the next time you look at it you feel like it is not good enough. I guess this is what keeps the art coming but at the same time it is annoying. The need to compete with self is just downright exhausting and reminds me of that itch you can never scratch.

Okay those were my 5 reasons why I hate being an artist. Drop your 5 in the comments below. Also be sure to drop more topics for me to talk about below as well.
Infinite Love 🖖🏼


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