A Girl Can Dream Right?

A Girl Can Dream Right?

I like to picture our phone calls with the songs you chose for me playing in the background as that scene from a cliché high school sweetheart movie.You know, the one where the lover boy stands outside throwing rocks at “her” bedroom window. She comes to the window, shakes her head, blushes, and quietly opens the window with her finger pressed to her lips. He would then hold up the boom box and serenade her with these songs that projected his feelings with a voice.

She was the one that could soften the bad boy tendencies in him with such nurturing kindness. She had the ability to keep him interested in her graceful allure unlike any other.

They were such a perfect match.

In this moment there was so much love that the present, the future, and the past didn’t matter; the world stood still for them.


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