A Journal For My #TrueLife Journey

My #TrueLife series was originally for me to share my experience but it has turned into an amazing project to help other people like myself. After much research, I applied what I learned to my own life and I was able to gain a whole new perspective on my life. I have unlocked my true potential to grow by obtaining a path to a rich life.

I am free.

Going through that shift felt amazing! I felt like a weight was lifted off my mind and I didn’t have to bare the judgement of the world. The thought of living for what I really wanted instead of the way everyone expected me to gave me a sense of freedom.

Now I know that living this way should be an obvious thing to do in order to be happy but our connection to the concepts that society stacks on us runs deeper than you think. It’s really hard to get away from a structural simulation that is being programed into us daily. From advertisements to your own family members, you are constantly being told subconsciously to believe that you can’t be happy unless you live “this way”.

The way of the world.

It’s rather depressing to live a life and be told you won’t amount to anything if you do not live up to “these expectations” at “this time” in your life. No one should be made to feel this way because there is always another option or path that you can take to lead that rich life. If you feel depressed about life just know that you, like everyone else have plenty of options to live the life that will make you happy.

In this space, I am opening myself to the idea that we are all equal and that our journey requires the same wholeness regardless of the differences in the way we reach our destination. Our tools and options are endless for us to use but we just need to have that weight removed so that we can feel that it is possible. Knowing that a true and rich life is possible is just not enough because ultimately it is about feeling it in order to manifest it.

#TrueLife Journal

One of the ways that I decided to pursue my rich life is by practicing minimalism. I sat down with myself to contemplate on who I really was and what I really wanted in life. Many of the things in my life that I had or thoughts didn’t resonate with my conclusion so I begin decluttering.

I let go of the fear of letting go.

I continued to think about ways that I could minimize the build up of things in the future and as writer notebooks was one of many those things. Every writer and artist can attest to the notebook obsession. You know, having them all but not really finishing any of them to only keep buying one every chance you get.


I was on the verge of finishing a journal I started back at the first of the year and I had a new journal waiting for me, still wrapped in plastic but I knew that I was going in a new direction. I proudly finished my journal (like I was legit gloating and happy) and I found an app that would let me create my own digital journals called Goodnotes. With this app I could satisfy my journal obsession and still reduce physical clutter.

Oh My God!!

The journaling possibilities are endless!!!! I love Goodnotes so much and I already have organized my life way better than I would with any physical notebook. The really fun thing about this app is that I can literally make any notebook I want to my standards.

A Goodnotes Journal I CreatedA Goodnotes Journal I Created

I got the idea to create a journal based on my series after playing around in this app. This was the perfect setup because again this idea resonated with how minimalism and my series goes hand in hand. I never want to offer something to anyone that contradicts my message.

I am choosing not to print because I don’t find it necessary to have a physical journal. I also believe that nature has had enough of our use and waste on this planet. Our world is a digital place now and even people who have been practicing minimalism for longer than I have own a device to keep track of things like this.

I am creating this journal with the use of Goodnotes in mind because that is what I prefer but there are other ways to use this journal. You can use Goodnotes or an app similar like notability; print and create your own physical journal; use another app that will let you annotate PDFs; refer to the digital copy and use a physical journal to record your answers. The possibilities are endless and there is no wrong or right way to use it.

The plus side to a digital journal is that it can be reused over and over again.

Journaling is a therapeutic way to express yourself and keep track of patterns that would most likely go undetected. When writing out your thoughts and feelings there are greater chances for you to experience epiphanies. Journaling goals and aspirations can also help you achieve the things want to accomplish in life efficiently.

The #TrueLife journal will help you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level for a greater understanding. As you journal through these realizations you begin to relinquish your fear and open yourself to the change you need to achieve a rich life. Recycling this journal can help you move further and further into deprogramming your mind so that you can think freely about what you truly want in life.

#TrueLife Journal Release

#TrueLife Journal Feminine#TrueLife Journal Masculine

The series will end sometime between October and November depending on how soon I write the next six post in the series (there will be eleven altogether). At the end of the series I plan to debut the journal in my Insaei Healing shop right here on my website. There will be a small fee for the cost of the journal to put back into my website and my plans for the future.

#TrueLife Email Series?

I’ve always wanted to do an email series and connect with people on a personal level but I just didn’t have any ideas. After starting on the journal, I thought a detailed email series and the journal would create an amazing chance to help people deepen ways for them to obtain a true rich life. This will be an opportunity to experience growth equally while I lend my skills and space to experience this.

The email series will cost a small fee and will include the journal but again the funds will be more of a contribution to my website than to a product. I am not sure when the email series will be ready but I am hoping to have it ready following the release of the journal. Let me know if you are interested in this email series in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to receive an update in the future.

If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say rich life and true life but would like to read more of what I was speaking on above please check out these links out below:

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