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I am Shan Bae, an artist and healer. I am a self taught digital artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. I am a certified reiki practitioner, tarot reader, and empath. I am neurodiverse as well as a HSP (highly sensitive person).

I am more than an artist but a spiritual creator giving birth to abstract thoughts. Through my art I experience a rebirth through the practice of self care. Art is the way that I find love for myself and it allows my mind to be open to innerstanding the world around me.

My mission is to create a space for art therapy, self care, inspiration, and love. By connecting with you, I can help support your needs and encourage you to be your best self; your true self. I strive to lead by example by providing you with content that is from experience and that worked for me.

My purpose is to serve and to inspire humanity. In each moment I promise to do my best with what I am given and that is all I ask of you.

To give is to know love and in return love will know you.

Shan Bae

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