About Her

Shan Bae | The Self Coach

I am a self proclaimed self care coach and artist. I use both psychology and spirituality (psychospirituality) to heal and inspire others to heal. My art is a reflection of my own self love and a reminder of my own healing.

I am more than an artist but a spiritual creator giving birth to abstract thoughts. Through my art I experience a rebirth through the practice of self care. Art is the way that I find love for myself and it allows my mind to be open to innerstanding the world around me.

Artist | Healer | Empath

To give love is to know love and in return love will know you.

Shan Bae

Personal Life

When I am not working to inspire humanity, I am co-parenting 5 children with my life partner and attending Full Sail University to complete my BFA in Creative Writing.

My Golden Circle

My Life Purpose Statement

Why do I self coach?

I believe in love.

I believe that through love peace can be found. Your kind of peace. I know through experience, that once found it becomes an undying search for more of this feeling. From new levels of self to healing old wounds while creating healthy boundaries, self care can open that door even wider.

I believe that you can be your own healer.

How can I help you find peace?

I want to listen and inspire.

I believe that being heard and felt can give a sense of resonance. The feeling of connectedness stimulates the mind to think, “I have a purpose.”

And you do! As do I! 

Ask yourself…”What is my life purpose.”

My life purpose is to inspire all of humanity including you. How? I can do my best to inspire you by learning who you are and what you need in order to reach peace.

I believe by fulfilling my life purpose I can be of service to helping you find your own. 

Below are a few modalities I choose to use personally…

  • Self Care
  • Vibrational Healing (Distant Reiki)
  • Psych Therapy
  • Creative Energy Work (Art & Tantra)
  • Meditation

What am I offering?

My energy, my gifts, and my time.

I offer myself to serve you in the best way that I can by inspiring you to become motivated to be the best version of yourself in every moment without regret. All this so that you can set goals and accomplish them and eventually become your version of successful. 

By acquiring specific skills and healing modalities such as:

I can offer you a hand in taking the first steps towards your own healing in a multitude of ways. Not to mention the inexpensive tools that I offer as an extra add-on for your benefit such as:

I offer some of what I do as a free service to anyone. I also offer paid services to those who are interested in deepening their search for inner peace. 

Remember it’s not what we do but why we do it that’s important.

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