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Insaei Healing is a company brand that is all about you. The mind, body, and spirit that makes up the whole you that may be in need of a self-healing process that western medicine is unable to provide. Through the power of you, gemstones and crystals are here to amplify your natural pre-existing power that turns on your own self-healing. Insaei Healing, meaning true healing is about focusing on the parts of you that need that unconditional love in order to heal and release trauma.

Insaei Healing products are made to help you commit to self. The crystal chokers are not just chokers but reminders of your intended purpose, to give more love and put more intent into self. The gemstone crystals and hemp cord color represent each chakra to give a specifics to your focus. You can then cleanse, set an intention for your own promise, and wear it whenever you feel compelled to.

All chokers go through a cleanse (smudging) with sandalwood or sage and it is then charged using Reiki energy. The chokers are made from natural materials such as colored hemp, gemstones, crystals, and minerals. These materials are gentle on the skin, earth-friendly, and the hemp fibers become stronger when wet.

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