About Shan Bae

Shan is a poetgraphic artist, handmade jewelry designer, reiki energy healer, and self love influencer.

Her poetry intuitively connects with the reader through empathizing with what so many people go through…life.

She envelopes her pain in her poetry as a positive way to self-express. Her main focus is to share love, grow through self-care, and to help those who forgot that love starts within self to find their purpose again.

Shan’s graphic art goes hand in hand with what she hopes her audience gains from her; a message of positive influence. Her main focus is the power of femininity, continuing the work to empower herself and to teach other women how to empower themselves.

In 2017, she started her journey to becoming a Reiki Master and received her Reiki I certification. She has dedicated her time to use the gift of love to heal herself and those who may come to seeking healing for themselves.

Shan is also known for making handmade jewelry since 2013.

She started with beaded bracelets under the name ParadoxicalSins but recently decided to kick the name and take the time needed to focus on the whole picture. She wanted all that she does to be apart of this interconnected system that provides her listeners and viewers with a place to find the things they need to heal.

Since then she’s relaunched her jewelry business under the name “Insaei Healing“, which means true healing and represents exactly what she hopes that her clients experience. All of the materials that she uses are natural and biodegradable. This helps the eco-system and the person to maintain a healthy life. All of the beads that are used are crystals or gemstones and are empowered with reiki energy before being sent off to their new homes.

Besides her work, Shan is a normal everyday woman hoping to empower people who wish to be inspired. When she isn’t doing that she is with her husband and four children who she shares her successful endeavors and accomplishments with.

Honorable Mentions:

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