april’s tarot reading

april’s tarot reading

welcome to a new month, being. april’s tarot reading is now ready for you. enjoy.

april's tarot reading: affirmators, dark mirror, and galactic oracle

affirmators: positive thinking
in the garden of my mind, i water the good thoughts and weed out the bad ones.
dark mirror: peaceful among thorns 26/4 • acceptance • first quarter moon
coexistence of the material and the spiritual is the human way to enlightenment.
your vibe attracts your tribe 26/4
assess the energy you are putting out. check your lack mentality.

it is time to do some mental spring cleaning. what thoughts do you hold onto that no longer support who you are now? you should consider letting them go and replacing them with forgiveness, empathy, and peace. your thoughts do not determine who you are and you do not have to accept them as your truth. you will not need this energy where you are going, so leave it behind.

having a positive mindset will help you on your journey of non-duality; balancing your experience between the physical and spiritual realms. you can achieve this by having fun, going on a date, organizing that thing you’ve been needing to tidy up, or having sex. life is not always about spirituality, sometimes the materials in the physical need to be experienced as well and that is okay.

a peaceful mind in the midst of the chaos will witness all including the subtle things. nothing will get past you as you observe happenings, release negativity, and pull vibes that align with your highest self towards you. in this state of being, you have the ability to make plans and achieve goals.

it is time. you have arrived.

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