i am an intuitive artist invoking emoceans by creatively expressing through digital paintings and poetry. i am using my gifts to alchemize the shadow by bringing the pieces of me that i have long forgotten to the surface to heal and integrate the lessons i’ve learned. i hope that my magic inspires you to find the love and healing within self.

  • 2022


    a collection of personal digital paintings exploring mediums, techniques, and studies of artist who inspire my artistry.

  • aura


    aura is a collection of abstract line art and imperfect colors illustrating the homecoming of the body, mind, and spirit. the blend of old and new expressions of tiny dot details to the old black line art.

  • arbitrary

    a collection of arbitrary art created on a personal whim with no plans but just an idea to express in the moment.

  • sun readings

    a study and expression of the collective energetic consciousness through the practice of automatic drawing and writing. follow me on twitter for updates.

  • bare


  • 2020


  • 2019


  • 2018


  • 2017


    A B S T R A C T

  • 2016


    by this time, i was split between who i was becoming and who i had been to survive. i enjoyed the chaos but i also longed for the peace.

  • 2015


    the nyghtlie poet was the shadow i could hide behind. she was a darkness i never knew i needed to express.