august trinity reading

august trinity reading

welcome to august! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to learn about what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, activities, numerology, and astrology for the reading.

collective readings are a gifted offering for those of whom are open to receiving. i ask for no monetary gains from what i have to give. however if you feel moved by my offering and would like to support my efforts you are welcome to click or tap the button below to pay the love forward. thanks!

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wash me 

hold onto my spirit

collect all that was given

give back to me

inhale life back into my skin and bones

humming like mother

a sweet song

feeling a vibration

attuned to who i was in the beginning

before the many faces i played as

give me clarity to see the vision

remind me of the pain in the division

cleanse this body for the healing

i am here anew 

you creation

august trinity reading spread galactic oracle deck


organize. clear your energy. cleanse your aura. align your chakras.

  • anew
  • wash
  • let go

welcome back from the chaos and turmoil. there are times we walk away from our practice and get lost in life. that’s okay! just as long as we know how to come back and when we do it’s like taking a deep breath after a long pause. the realization can feel like a quick internal panic.

it’s time to return anew to your practice to wash away and let go of yesterday’s struggles.

astrology: fire

numerology: 7


ground. center. breathe.

  • return
  • pause
  • care

“return from which you came. from mother you are born to mother you fall. become one with all that holds life.’” — shan bae

 use your body within your practice. dance in nature, observe the animals, and exchange energy with the plants. start from the beginning and recognize life around you to open yourself to the magic once again.

astrology: earth

numerology: 17, 8


the plan. the vision. the creation.

no words for a feeling

it does not escape from my throat

deeper than the surface

underneath my skin

flowing without question

i question this existence 

when life doesn’t question 

it’s given

 and with my eyes all i see is no

i am damned by thoughts

stuck in a simulation

limiting the connection from my body, mind, and spirit

blinded by expectations

i can’t see the vision

lost in the delusional illusions of this world

sucking energy and building slaves

the plan to be undone is a process

one i keep fighting to be present for 

it feels like defeat

and just recognizing is not correction

a just form

tired of fighting for a resolution

looking back for the error in revolution

where did we go wrong in creation


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