Author: shan bae

  • the things i love

    the things i love

    i just love you the very first time…i loved you we opened up and swallowed one another on a high induced by the chemistry of our two souls meeting

  • truth in dark

    truth in dark

    o’love do i miss you when you manifest you come and go like a transparent silhouette… and how the space in between feels like a lifetime feels like my heart slips into a black hole twisted with uncertainty into oblivion

  • delusional illusions

    delusional illusions

    for months i evaded your illusion by creating my own i waded in the fields of all my happiness i fed myself beautiful poems filled with loving words i scattered rose petals at my own feet

  • clouds


    look up there is potential weighing above light as feather

  • december


    i am broken you cracked me open and there i lie like an empty cocoon bare and dry

  • crying in the dark

    crying in the dark

    nowadays it seems like my eyes are always ready to spill overfilled with this sadness even though at times I smile i feel a deep giggle that steals away some time