Inside, Outside Happy All the Time

The best thing I have ever done is put the outside on mute and listen to the inside. Meaning the outside being the mirror I live in front of and the inside being the source of the reflection. I took some time to understand how much of the outside I was taking in and what I needed to filter out. I needed to let go of some things because I realized some of those things were invading my body like a virus. I didn’t want that stuff in there possessing me.

So I sat down and put the outside on mute to focus on my divine diet. Continue reading Inside, Outside Happy All the Time


Layers of Me on Wattpad

Last year, during the whole month of November I did the #30Layers30Days challenge and posted it here on my blog. In December, I posted them all on Wattpad to be read as a book. Today, I have removed the poems from Layers of Me off of my blog and added an embed link to my menu for those of you who would like to read them. You can click here to read Layers of Me.

Right now I have three books on Wattpad, one in progress and two completed. My plan is to move them to print and sell them on Amazon. If you are on Wattpad, you can drop your username below or add me @ShanBaeArt. I would love to have more friends on Wattpad to check out what you’re reading and writing.

If you would like to help me on this project you can send donations to my paypal below…

Insaei Healing Support Groups and Services

I am the owner of what used to be called ParadoxicalSins but is now called Insaei Healing. Insaei Healing means true healing and this is my objective in life. It is to discover true healing for myself and allow that to reflect back on to my reality. My reality includes all that may come my way so in turn I am here to heal the earth and everyone here on this rock we call mother.

If you follow me on social media then you know in some way or another I am an avid believer in self love. If you have kept up with my blog then you know that in many post I speak on this a lot. Honestly you can even find it in my poetry simply because my art is self expression and that my friend is apart of loving myself.

At the end of last year I became a certified reiki energy healer. There will be a post explaining that in depth in the future but for now I will keep it short. Here is a short reiki break down:


Universal; the bridge between healer and earth bringing wisdom, guidance, and healing


Life energy; the primary energy of our emotions thoughts, and spiritual life

Smush that together and you have the light definition of what Reiki is, Universal Life Energy.

I have always had this desire to know why everything was happening on a deeper level. I came to the conclusion that it would only make sense if I looked inward and I started looking into eastern medicine more. I have been reading about chakras and how they function on an energetic level.

Ever since then, I have realized that life is easier to live if I can grasp the fact that I am in so much more control than I thought I was in before. I want people to know how easy it is to flip that switch and begin to see results from looking at life from the point of view of their cup being half full. Don’t get be wrong, this is a lifestyle that is a constant uphill battle but the difference is that you are going through a mindful process to shed the things you need to let go of and heal.

So I have dedicated my vessel to act as a conduit for the universal life energy aka..



The Light

Whatever you want to call it, in order for people to learn about that deeper connection in themselves so that they can turn on that switch and begin to heal themselves.

So right now I am offering a safe place for people to come and be vulnerable so that they can start that process of healing. It won’t be easy but the more support you have the less it is difficulty for you.

So below are some links to my groups and to services that I currently offer:

Facebook Groups:

Insaei Healing Support Group

Insaei Art Therapy Group

Google+ Community:

Insaei Healing Support Community


Chakra Oracle Readings

Send a Love Letter

Insaei Energy Healing Chokers (buy 2 get free shipping)

If you decide to join any of these groups, create a post inside of the group introducing yourself and how you found the group so that I can greet you with a big hello.

Infinite Love 🖖🏼

Nothing and Everything

Last week I was having the hardest time dealing with the stress in my life. I felt really depressed followed by a very anxious feeling in my chest. The anxiety led me right into a sleep attack and I just had to let go. I’ve always felt like people who are truly depressed really give up and I thought I couldn’t be experiencing the same thing because underneath it all I refused to give up. Continue reading Nothing and Everything

The Awesome Blogger Award Nomination

I have been blogging for many years now and I never thought that I would be a nominee for a blogger award. This came in total surprise and I am loving it!

It is crazy but with this new start on my blog journey I have come in contact with so many beautiful people. You all have been affirming my purpose on this journey and I am so grateful for every single person who takes their time to read what I have to say. Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award Nomination

Mental Health. Wattpad Story. Awesome Blog Award.

I know it has been many days since my last post but wait let me explain!

The holidays just passed us recently.

Thank god! Continue reading Mental Health. Wattpad Story. Awesome Blog Award.

A Colored White Girl

When I was younger my differences were brought to my attention by the race of people I was told I belonged to

Before then I had no sense of skin tones and what the hell melanin was

I begin to compare

And before then I had no sense of self awareness

But here I was stepping into my new light surrounded in darkness

Alone Continue reading A Colored White Girl