Nothing and Everything

I want to understand myself more and why things are happening in such a repetitive pattern. So this week when I found myself cutting off my hair and crying I asked myself....

The Awesome Blogger Award Nomination

I am so appreciative of the content that these bloggers produce on their blogs. Each of them have an unique voice and message that should be heard. They are creative, inspiring, kind, and genuine bloggers with an important message to give to the readers.

Old Vibe, New Times

We could finally breathe deeply Conversing with lines of lyrics Tickling our intellect We’re connected far beyond human existence; spirits

A Colored White Girl

Slowly I lost sight of my right to be here To be loved To know what it was I did so wrong to deserve such torment I was meant to perish Without understanding of why I couldn’t be different


‪I love the way music feels on my skin‬ Goosebumps rise when I hear it This is what I needed to hear This is what I needed to feel

Die. Dying. Dead

Poured a glass that was tall but empty Dehydrated everything that nourished me Should I call this love Or an unselfish act


I had given my heart away to a person I thought would give me theirs What felt like an eternity I walked alone blindly I peeled back layers of myself to prove to you my loyalty