Author: shanbae

  • contemplating


    if i could go anywhere where would i be a vast distance between reality and thought escaping stimulation

  • weekly affirmation: june 19-25

    weekly affirmation: june 19-25

    – i am creatively flowing with divine wisdom and love – i surrender to the endless stream of creativity

  • 6.2.2022


    it’s easier to express when i’m stressed because i have a lot to say

  • 6.2.2022


    was never to be stationary tucked behind a glass for safe keeping

  • orange diamond

    orange diamond

    today i am grateful for my compassion (ahimsa). today i grateful for my commitment to truth (satya). today i am grateful for diminishing feeling of greediness and lack (asetya). today i am grateful for my ability to use my energy for intentional goodness (brahmacharya). today i am grateful for my practice of letting go (aparigraha). 

  • june’s art reading

    june’s art reading

    this is our time to create a union between the mind, body, and spirit and let the divinity of this trinity hum an echo that will be sure to manifest whatever our heart desires into a physical presence.