Author: shanbae

  • Addicted to Her Hydration

    Addicted to Her Hydration

    You are so thirsty 
Drops that are meant to quench you dribble from your lips 
Every moment missed is like you are inching closer to dehydration

  • Beyond My Eyes

    Beyond My Eyes

    You visit me in my dreams 
My eyes shut but I’m wide open 
Just like intoxicating minds spill inhibitions your soul cries out to me
Waves of sensual energy paints the colors of you in my dreams

  • Love on the Brain

    Love on the Brain

    When I close my eyes all I can see is your face nestled against my skin 
All I can hear is our surfaces chasing 
Chasing our ends so nonexistent

  • Questions


    Poetic suggestions of what I am requesting but I rather you feel what I feel to express it together in greatness than for you to feel the weight in my assertive direction.
Or is that what drives your mind to insanity to have us falling in and out of nirvana and our earthly bodies.‬

  • Sinking To Elevate

    Sinking To Elevate

    Sometimes I stay afloat
Sometimes I let the weight of everything that I am feeling submerge my body into the depths of my waters
I just let go

  • Bare Soles

    Bare Soles

    Bare soles planting steps to bear a soul  Wondering where I am wandering 
Lifted, barely scathing the grounded connection