Author: shanbae

  • flower


    white linen dresses 100% organic standing in the sun’s rejuvenating blessings swaying in ovation

  • may’s sun reading

    may’s sun reading

    there is beauty that exist in the chaos of growth. how will you observe your experience moment by moment? can you observe the beauty or are you pressed to place judgement on the chaos?

  • discomforting revelations

    discomforting revelations

    i was inspired to write discomforting revelations because of a word prompt challenge. i didn’t know what i was going to write about but like most opportunities back then, i just started typing and poured whatever i was feeling into the page.

  • feather


    mental echos on an invisible blanket of gusts in air fleeting judgements and biases undiscovered violences buried beneath the rubble an escaping feather lost from the bird it once wore

  • wine cheese

    wine cheese

    i am moving out of my own way as i continue to evolve into who i am always becoming. on my walk through life, i welcome the obstacles as divine lessons intended to challenge me for my highest good and guide me on my journey.

  • april’s tarot reading

    april’s tarot reading

    in the garden of my mind, i water the good thoughts and weed out the bad ones. coexistence of the material and the spiritual is the human way to enlightenment. assess the energy you are putting out. check your lack mentality.