Author: shan bae

  • flower


    white linen dresses 100% organic standing in the sun’s rejuvenating blessings swaying in ovation

  • feather


    mental echos on an invisible blanket of gusts in air fleeting judgements and biases undiscovered violences buried beneath the rubble an escaping feather lost from the bird it once wore

  • a tree in winter

    a tree in winter

    tiny snowflake patterns laced in white veil like a halo upon her crown adorning her train a skirt laid like a blanket of snow

  • remember


    lost in destiny a confined box not enough space for me here i am just here for the pieces i lost

  • possibility


    what would come of life if sovereignty was a given dancing cliffs

  • barriers


    prohibited from escaping limitations what is beyond these barriers questioning all the lines that are drawn even the lines i draw with my own pencil