Author: shan bae

  • grow


    internally unseen down into the depths of me seeds of light sprouting

  • uncertainty


    before you go… you are beautiful, resilient, and bold

  • journey


    my feet bare a ground i’ve walked before a land of memories & pain a blur now crystal clear

  • safe


    crammed into a box locked in the dark shadow holds light oppressed by lack of sight

  • When


    If not now when‬ ‪I will not wait for you‬ ‪I will not pick up hobbies to spend the hands of time faster‬ ‪I will not fill myself with optimistic phrases for the delusion of you

  • Words For My Obituary

    Words For My Obituary

    You’ve spent me like a $20 bill Inserted me into this game Pulled the lever and played my heart I am no more