Bare Soles

Bare soles planting steps to bear a soul 

Wondering where I am wandering 

Lifted, barely scathing the grounded connection

Loathing in clothing wishing to take them off to feel all of the freedom

Listening to psithurism

Breathing in ethers 

Meditating on the universal source of love


Published by

Shan Bae

My name is Shan Bae. I am a 25 year old artist and creative writer from Kansas City, MO. I am also the small business owner of Insaei Healing which translates into True Healing. I hand make jewelry using gemstones that have the ability to help aid in the healing of the chakras in the human body. I am also a Reiki Energy Healer and I use this powerful energy source to charge the gemstones in my jewelry. For more information or to purchase a choker please head over to I am open to connect and network with people who are interested in working with me. I would love to collaborate with other poets or bloggers. You are always welcome to send me a message via the “send a love letter” page on my blog. Send inquiries to:

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