Her Imperfections In Standards

Society's definition of standard hands slowly grip tighter around her neck You're not small enough You're not big enough Your bosoms don't bust the seams of your shirt bringing the men who wallow in thirst to their knees


You were my reason my words were spoken out loud You were my audience You listened to the words i had never heard myself say You were the first

Artsy Nothing

These words an image in the mind of a hand that paints the view that only an artist can feel to understand We tell a story We are all connected We are all eclectic; esoteric

A Sacred Marriage

The waves reached as far as they could before falling. They continuously asked for the rays to embrace them. Soon enough the sun would gently lay it’s head on the shoreline.

Left Me In Love

Sometimes I can’t feel Numb in places one day and all the feelings in the world the next I grab ahold of myself to remember the way it feels

Back Up

No more will you find yourself in my space Pacing with minus signs on your sleeves Sending stress signals Anxiety creeping Love don’t cost a thing

When We Write Poetry

When we write our poetry on the lines of our colored paper There are no beginnings or endings We draw the love with our blood Through our veins we trace the source while racing Our hearts

How I Am Easin’ On Down the Rainbow Bridge!

I have a strong desire to help people. I have so many people come to me for advice and I now know this is something I can no longer ignore. Clearing my chakras, connecting to the light, and learning what I need to become an energy healer is a step a needed to take in order to protect myself from depleting all of my energy.