Love on the Brain

When I close my eyes all I can see is your face nestled against my skin 
All I can hear is our surfaces chasing 
Chasing our ends so nonexistent


Poetic suggestions of what I am requesting but I rather you feel what I feel to express it together in greatness than for you to feel the weight in my assertive direction.
Or is that what drives your mind to insanity to have us falling in and out of nirvana and our earthly bodies.‬

Sinking To Elevate

Sometimes I stay afloat
Sometimes I let the weight of everything that I am feeling submerge my body into the depths of my waters
I just let go

Bare Soles

Bare soles planting steps to bear a soul 
Wondering where I am wandering 
Lifted, barely scathing the grounded connection


Why don’t you relax while I strip the surface of my day from my mind
Let me open up to you
Blooming in our space
Filling our love up gracefully


I have a thirst on my tongue that whispers in distress
I disclaim the desire to hold something physical
I have an infatuation with embracing the love for my own
I want my spirituality to penetrate my ego

Hey Black Girl

Hey black girl,
You know you are a strong black woman
We see you painted in many hues with curls that truly can’t be defined but you tame them


I feel hunger pangs for your love
You are my favorite snack at snack time 
We never made it to breakfast because our bodies wouldn't dare wake that morning

My Secret

You will be my secret
But I am for everyone to know 
And as much as you miss the way I smell
I will carry the scent of many roses

You Can Stop

You can stop hiding your desires you no longer bother me any more
I cannot feel the pain of losing you if you were not mine to claim in the first place 

Love and Obedience

By Shan Bae

Tender as the first kiss, my heart struggles to keep from falling into pieces 
I told myself not to go there but the questions rang in my thoughts as if someone was calling me