broken by shan bae

i am the space between two wholes
i am the space between the two parts of me
a hollow heart beating echoes in an empty well
my eyes are wide but i’m still without vision
i am trying to feel to see but I see i’m not feeling a thing
i can’t 
i fell into this futile shadow and was painted in this darkness
i suppress each breath i take to oppress the tears but they’re escaping
reality racing down my face to be freed from my torment
ribs tightly embracing the void expanding in my chest
ripping the seams of this illusion of my peace
humming a song of mourning exerted from the depths of my soul
bellows evading from my pursed lips
somebody save me
a bodily misconception
an expression actually calling to the hero i call self
i’ve been grieving my separation but it’s in the mirror that i find and embrace the joy of finding that face to match what i felt 
i’m broken but i’m here

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