Grateful For Her

‪Sometimes I miss those pieces of me that have died and I’ve buried‬ ‪In those moments I want to dig them up‬ ‪They no longer resonate with the me of today so I won’t‬ ‪But I miss the security of their nostalgia‬ ‪The warmth of their memory makes me happy to have been her‬ ‪Which makes me grateful for who I am now‬

Understanding Ignorance

So many of us have mastered the art of ignorance Scared of the unknown We clutch our hands over our eyes and hope the monster doesn't get us

Day Two

I lay awake wanting to validate every emocean that wants to make itself relevant via your presence

Burn To Ashes, Love To Dust

But you set fire to my heart Heard me cry out as you walked away Why would you leave me this way Tears vaporized into thick air No help for me to call As I burned, my love fell to ash

His Inquiry

He asked me... “How was I able to share with the world the words that saved my life?” I said... “If I could conquer my fear of being rejected by the heart I sought after then maybe I can be vulnerable and undress myself for the world to see.”

Old Vibe, New Times

We could finally breathe deeply
Conversing with lines of lyrics
Tickling our intellect
We’re connected far beyond human existence; spirits

A Colored White Girl

Slowly I lost sight of my right to be here
To be loved
To know what it was I did so wrong to deserve such torment
I was meant to perish
Without understanding of why I couldn’t be different


‪I love the way music feels on my skin‬
Goosebumps rise when I hear it
This is what I needed to hear
This is what I needed to feel

Die. Dying. Dead

Poured a glass that was tall but empty
Dehydrated everything that nourished me
Should I call this love
Or an unselfish act


I had given my heart away to a person I thought would give me theirs
What felt like an eternity I walked alone blindly
I peeled back layers of myself to prove to you my loyalty