Category: i am bae

  • wine cheese

    wine cheese

    i am moving out of my own way as i continue to evolve into who i am always becoming. on my walk through life, i welcome the obstacles as divine lessons intended to challenge me for my highest good and guide me on my journey.

  • rushing bore

    rushing bore

    sometimes i wonder if my drive to know it all makes me a know-it-all. am i asking too many questions? seeking truths in the depths that exceed far beyond what most humans can answer

  • tied burden

    tied burden

    i carry many of our burdens on my back stretched between us. i comb through the debris rummaging for the pieces of me i lost when our tower fell.

  • heart tide

    heart tide

    a self care talk about experiencing heart tides and what that means to me.

  • flower dish

    flower dish

    i don’t want to serve myself on a platter for my energy to be devoured by devices searching for their connection through repetitive projections. i don’t want my life to be taken in order for me to be a flower dish.