Category: Poetry

  • Omitted in A Sea of Words

    Omitted in A Sea of Words

    Bound to a spine are the leafs that I have chosen to construe. On the cover, the title is embossed with a sandpaper texture that catches between my fingers. The stock bound to the cover was the perfect weight fluttering in my hand with grace as I turned each page.

  • Waiting


    I spent my time adjusting my young restless mind on catering to you
Each step was two steps back
I let you abuse my self-esteem

  • Hey Love

    Hey Love

    Hey Love,
I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are and how when you magically transform you are now just as beautiful in this new dimension as you were before
This new version of you celebrates equality in all that you are

  • The Toxic Encounter

    The Toxic Encounter

    These four walls I have built in my mind have faded and are colorless. I have found myself sequestered in a world that has no boundaries. A decade has gone by and the realization of my life has hit me…
I am motionless. -KNOCK  KNOCK-

  • I Obsess

    I Obsess

    Can you align the words that describe my love for you Does it touch you like I feel it Because I have yet to describe in words the painting of our colors Pulsating energy marching to the best of our hearts We flourish in melodramatic scenes

  • A Girl Can Dream Right?

    A Girl Can Dream Right?

    I like to picture our phone calls with the songs you chose for me playing in the background as that scene from a cliché high school sweetheart movie.You know, the one where the lover boy stands outside throwing rocks at “her” bedroom window. She comes to the window, shakes her head, blushes, and quietly opens the window with her finger pressed to her lips. He would then hold up the boom box and serenade her with these songs that projected his feelings with a voice.