Category: Poetry

  • Love’s Perpetrator

    Love’s Perpetrator

    My broken heart laid in pieces It is you who gifted me with these lies And I naively believed them I trusted your intent as I failed to catch my own heart

  • Songs By Hand

    Songs By Hand

    Give me a graceful ballad and I will dance Lull me to sleep with your aria

  • I’m Losing

    I’m Losing

    Did you fall for me or the idea of easy company So many questions but never enough answers I’m pulling assumptions like cards to calm my own thoughts Trying to guide myself to see my way out of the dark

  • Love In December

    Love In December

    There is something for everyone here The love is in the air Can you feel it See it Visually appealing to the peering eyes of mine I want to know it

  • Para Love’s Dox

    Para Love’s Dox

    If I could I would give you all of me I’ve been given everything Every word unspoken lays gently on my heart like rose petals You whisper o’love And I become the echo of your words vibrating endlessly

  • My Peace In Our War

    My Peace In Our War

    My eyes now considered a foreign invasion to my body Tears will not help the chaos Blankets of sand stretching for miles My cheek bones pressed against natures cover An abrasive texture but not for wiping away fear