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  • spirit art for april: birthright

    spirit art for april: birthright

    planting seeds giving life selfless nurturing innocently

  • trinity reading for april

    trinity reading for april

    welcome to april! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to learn about what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, activities, numerology, and astrology for the trinity.

  • setting monthly intentions with tarot

    setting monthly intentions with tarot

    in this blog post, i will give you a step by step guide on how you can start living consciously by setting monthly intentions with your tarot cards. i am using tarot cards but i advise you to use whatever tool you feel most comfortable with. i have been using my tarot cards in combination with my claircognizance and that’s what i will be using to demonstrate this activity.

  • Monthly Reading: March

    Monthly Reading: March

    I am mindful of the thoughts that I accept and how they manifest into my reality. I am holding myself accountable and trusting my intuition. I believe that the universe will reveal all in divine timing.

  • Monthly Reading – February

    Monthly Reading – February

    AFFIRMATION: I accept and embrace all of my magic. I am going with the flow and listening to my body.

  • Tarot Of May: Multidimensional Harmony

    Tarot Of May: Multidimensional Harmony

    This month is about living in harmony with all of our multidimensional selves; meaning, making space for every side of us that exist and agreeing that all sides are equal. This is going to take some incredible intellectual growth and clarity into who we are as individuals.