How You Can Obtain Joy Through Enlightenment and Free Yourself of Guilt

I have been feeling rather reserved lately. Not wanting to share but knowing that if I could reach out someone may be shown compassion during their time of need.

Sometimes people need that small sense of someone being there and empathizing with whatever they are going through.

I understand.

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My Watty Book Update

For years now, I have been contemplating writing series on Wattpad. When I originally made my very first account I didn’t see any poetry or any that I remember. Back then, Wattpad didn’t look as cool as it does now nor did it have a flourishing section just for poetry. Continue reading My Watty Book Update

How I Am Easin’ On Down the Rainbow Bridge!

Yes that was a reference from “The Wiz” rewritten by my own quirky brain. I am a 90’s baby and so therefore I possess this marvelous power that some of the new babies wasn’t around to obtain.

Good day little lights!

It has been a few days since my reiki attunement and I must say that the experience was very relaxing. I met really nice yoga enthusiasts who ran the shop where my Reiki Master Teacher worked. They have the most beautiful yoga studio/yogi shop/art gallery/everything else that it was in Kearney, MO. Continue reading How I Am Easin’ On Down the Rainbow Bridge!

Day Twenty Seven: Holding My Breath

Anxiety is a deep itch you can’t scratch and your body responds to it like you do when you have an itch but you aren’t sure of it’s location. Except you aren’t aware of these processes being ran in the background until you get this deep feeling in your chest. Continue reading Day Twenty Seven: Holding My Breath

12.1 Chakra Oracle Reading

I am now stepping into my one week cleanse for my reiki attunement and I am taking this opportunity to work with my new set of chakra oracle cards to guide my meditation.

I purchased them some weeks ago but I am just now peeling back the plastic and getting acquainted with them. When they arrived I opened them to read the beginning of the book but then I decided to put them aside for this moment specifically to use them for this week before my attunement. Continue reading 12.1 Chakra Oracle Reading

3 Ways Self Love Can Improve Your Day

If you haven’t caught on by now, I am a self love advocate. From my poetry to my personality on social media to me in actuality, I advocate for self love to the 100th power.




Because I can and it is my divine right to do so. I have come to terms with my job here on this earth and it is to help people regain balance within themselves by starting with self. Continue reading 3 Ways Self Love Can Improve Your Day

Daily Prompt: Identity

Who am I?

Oh gosh, you thought this was going to be another poem or maybe this is your first time reading one of my posts.

Yes, I am a poet and I write a lot of poetry. Love poetry, sad poetry, mental health poetry, angry poetry, conscious poetry, and all kinds of other good stuff. Whatever I am feeling I write it. Some poems make it to my blog others sit on my phone until I decide to share or they just sit there.

I am a self-published author. I wrote a poetry book called Breathe earlier this year. You can read it here for free here on my blog for a limited time. I am currently working on another book called Philautia which will be published when I stop procrastinating on the illustrations.

I am a short story author. I write my short stories on my blog called Daydream Stories but I hardly have the time for all the other things I am doing.

I am a jewelry designer. I have been making and selling jewelry for 4 years now. Among many of the things, I do this is my absolute favorite next to writing poetry. I work with natural products like hemp, gemstones, and bamboo. I hand make chokers for fashion and natural healing.

You can view and purchase my chokers here. If you want to request a specific color and/or gemstone please email me at

I also dabble in graphic design/digital painting.

You can view more of my graphic designs here and if you are interested in my art posters with some of my designs you can purchase them here.

I have a few logos that I have done for a few friends which you can view here.

Besides my artist life, I am a mother of four beautiful and smart children who constantly put me in a space to question existence. I love them but sometimes I wonder if they love me. Haha!

I am married to my best-friend who sometimes gets on my nerves but he knows how to change diapers so I guess he can stay. October 28 will be our 6th year of marriage but we have been together for 10 years. Yeah, that’s a long time but it flew by like crazy.

Outside of everyone else and inside of myself, I spend a lot of time writing, reading, and creating. I have associates that I talk to on the daily but nobody is like best-friend. I’m my best friend right but I am always looking to connect with good souls so send me a love letter here. Another thing I can’t do without is music. I love love love love love music but did I mention I love music soooo much!

I don’t work so send me a donation to my PayPal. No, I am not lazy! Well…it would appear to be that way but I am not. I’m a Narcoleptic and my brain never works properly at bedtime so I am always sleepy which cause other neurological issues. This being an autoimmune disorder makes other problems pop up and slap me with mo issues like Fibromyalgia and Cataplexy. I really try not to be so sleepy but I can’t help it.

Welp that’s who I am! If you want to learn more you can request it in the comments or you can send me a love letter.

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