Collab | Episode of Sublime

Collab | Episode of Sublime

This poem is a collaborative piece by E.A Spain from The Gypsy Soull, Eric Campbell from Ineffable Facade, and Shan Bae.

I think I could talk about love forever
I could write about love until the words ran over the deckle edge

Continue to think of new combinations of descriptives to define it
And still, be lacking the true essence of the feeling I get in my chest

But when you do that special something for me it makes me feel set apart

You are the word that rhymes with the pangs in my heart
Once love goes away
Oh but when love runs from me

The pangs become pain

I claw at my chest as if I would be able to reach inside to resuscitate

But we all know that love never stays
In some kind of way it dies down

Just like all of our destinies

But it’s worth it in the moment when you bring out the best in me
I do my best to ignore the ones who dare to question me
Me and my love.

Cause how would they know?
They’re just blind
But in a different way than mine
Cause nobody knows your personal episode of sublime
Like you

My heart literally smiles at the little quirks you do
Cause that’s the only way I know you’re being real and true
So caught up I’m not even worried about 20/20 hindsight view

Originally posted on The Gypsy Soull


4 responses to “Collab | Episode of Sublime”

  1. How fantastic! I love, love poems. My poetry books are filled with young wants and older passions. I reread poems from my youth and realize I was/am tragically sappy! 😉

    • Yes I love love poetry!! All of my life I have been writing and I can’t stop. I am poetry. I have some of my old books but I write digitally. I was thinking about writing only for me in a book the old fashion way. Poetry has a way to mirror the true you and it is a good way to connect where you are disconnected.

      • I agree! I’ve been going through a lot of old poems and stories. I plan on posting them up. I still write the old fashion way with a certain kind of pen, lol. Not as much as I should anymore. Though, I love writing to my wife. Leaving her notes. She is quite the muse for my sappyness, *grins*…

      • It always is a nice reminder of how much you’ve grown when you look back on the old you. You always have to have the special pen to get the special writing done. That’s really sweet you leave her notes. I think that is something that should be done for all couples.

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