Collab | Perception of Greener Grass

Collab | Perception of Greener Grass

A written collaboration by Rashid M Bey & Shan Bae

The mental impression of greener grass on the other side is just the perception that you may have at the time

Nothing is really made to perfection

That thought is only in your mind

But it drives us to overmine our essentials

Until overtime we undermine what we underlined as mentally instrumental

Perhaps we are greener than the grass on the other side.

Perhaps our demeanor is crass to cover pride

That comes before the fall covers what we covet

Chlorophyll filling our monstrous pupils and overly conscious budget

Maybe we may cull the colors we see yards away in our own yard today if we be silent and love it.

Through psychological repression you excessively contemplate on what would suppress your emptiness

Envious thoughts are poison to a mind that is trying to grasp onto something to feel whole again

In the midst of your depression you lessen your individuality for a happiness that is uncertain

You try on their success you admired just to see how it would fit over your depression

Staring at the grass of another sulking in sadness neglecting your own progression

Liquid crystals our hearts do prune

To bejewel the blades beneath our feet

If only we’d look the way we felt down.

We’d see.

Our grief waters our failures to free us from the naivety of barely budding blooms

Yes, some sides may be greener, but no side shows signs of an Eden like ours

Our showers may stop mayhem from flowering

If we choose not to lift the nails we hammered here

We may swim ‘cross the puddles of our pains

Pull ourselves to its pier

To peer inside those pools

Past the peers we wished to be

Only at the harbor of our soul’s sea

May we see what we harbor within

We have a fire to brighten the green in our grass

Let them synthesize the light we carry

Now, look up!

To the rays that rain upon you

To the rays that raise you

And tell me you are nigh the flower you were meant to be

By letting your petals unfold like God’s plan

The plan that was meant to be

So don’t stand on the edge of your fence to stare with envy in your eyes at the blossoming petals of another

Step down and take from your grass the opportunity to grow

You will never reap what you sow if you don’t feed your nature

Your nature’s food resides in your soul

Let the tears of your depression water the grass blades that reach up for the sun

Focus on making your grass greener by giving your energy back to your own


4 responses to “Collab | Perception of Greener Grass”

    • I love working with my friend on this. He has a HUGE vocabulary of words and I always learn from him. This will always be my favorite poetry collab.

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