crying in the dark

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Trigger Warning

nowadays it seems like my eyes are always ready to spill
overfilled with this sadness
even though at times i smile
i feel a deep giggle that steals away some time
i’m still not fine
it’s maddening
why don’t i feel happiness
on a pursuit through life learning from past mistakes trying to do the correct thing this time
my tears stream for miles
i like to think that my melancholy rain drop ocean carries a boat so that it could sail to find a dryer climate
most days i close my eyes hoping that my despair will disappear
but it doesn’t
the rain keeps coming
no matter how many times i squeeze my eyes tight and hold my head up they always creep out and slide down the sides of my face 
my sadness always knows how to escape when i am trying to evade weighing down on someone else for awhile
i just rather be alone
alone in the darkness that i am feeling
tears are silent when the light never reveals them
nowadays it seems that my eyes are always spilling 

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