Daily Prompt: Exceptional

Daily Prompt: Exceptional

You look at me like an exception to an unusual beauty

Something I don’t see often

I wish I had your eyes

I wish I could feel what you do in the moments you make decisions to catch me unexpectedly Hands in places that I find annoying

You find them exceptional to love and see the masterpiece of what you call my beauty

I’m not sure if I should fall to gratitude or fly away to safety

You said typically a love like mine is hard to find but you don’t know how much I focus on loving you because I’ve never known how to love me

And here you are schooling a spirit in their own home

So many directions you carry me but I’m never on my feet

Anxiety ridden scary me

Too scared to step down

Too weary to rest on your wings

But I would love for you to fly with me

An exceptional frequent flyer laying bare for me to see

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