Daily Prompt: Identity

Who am I?

Oh gosh, you thought this was going to be another poem or maybe this is your first time reading one of my posts.

Yes, I am a poet and I write a lot of poetry. Love poetry, sad poetry, mental health poetry, angry poetry, conscious poetry, and all kinds of other good stuff. Whatever I am feeling I write it. Some poems make it to my blog others sit on my phone until I decide to share or they just sit there.

I am a self-published author. I wrote a poetry book called Breathe earlier this year. You can read it here for free here on my blog for a limited time. I am currently working on another book called Philautia which will be published when I stop procrastinating on the illustrations.

I am a short story author. I write my short stories on my blog called Daydream Stories but I hardly have the time for all the other things I am doing.

I am a jewelry designer. I have been making and selling jewelry for 4 years now. Among many of the things, I do this is my absolute favorite next to writing poetry. I work with natural products like hemp, gemstones, and bamboo. I hand make chokers for fashion and natural healing.

You can view and purchase my chokers here. If you want to request a specific color and/or gemstone please email me at shop@shanbae.com.

I also dabble in graphic design/digital painting.

You can view more of my graphic designs here and if you are interested in my art posters with some of my designs you can purchase them here.

I have a few logos that I have done for a few friends which you can view here.

Besides my artist life, I am a mother of four beautiful and smart children who constantly put me in a space to question existence. I love them but sometimes I wonder if they love me. Haha!

I am married to my best-friend who sometimes gets on my nerves but he knows how to change diapers so I guess he can stay. October 28 will be our 6th year of marriage but we have been together for 10 years. Yeah, that’s a long time but it flew by like crazy.

Outside of everyone else and inside of myself, I spend a lot of time writing, reading, and creating. I have associates that I talk to on the daily but nobody is like best-friend. I’m my best friend right but I am always looking to connect with good souls so send me a love letter here. Another thing I can’t do without is music. I love love love love love music but did I mention I love music soooo much!

I don’t work so send me a donation to my PayPal. No, I am not lazy! Well…it would appear to be that way but I am not. I’m a Narcoleptic and my brain never works properly at bedtime so I am always sleepy which cause other neurological issues. This being an autoimmune disorder makes other problems pop up and slap me with mo issues like Fibromyalgia and Cataplexy. I really try not to be so sleepy but I can’t help it.

Welp that’s who I am! If you want to learn more you can request it in the comments or you can send me a love letter.

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