Daily Prompt: Risky

Daily Prompt: Risky

Randomly exposing your lies to sheets of paper via pen

You have a script

Lines you read

Memorized over time for a play you will repeat over again

It’s no broadway show but I’ve seen the act

I could never empathize with the emotions

You had my sympathy at best

Your performance was nothing more than a rehearsed act of crippling untruths

In front of you I sit in an audience housed in a theater seats filled but I’m unsure of their presence

Guest who hold tight to the gripping suspense while I sit unmasked

You asked that I stay attentive to the story

False facts

Locations that are unheard of

Timeframes that don’t match

You stumble over lines because you don’t even believe them

No practice could tear down these webs of fabrication

Caught in an entangled fib

Creating problems out of old habits while refusing to stand like a man

You’re too proud

Instead you bowed at the risk you took with this facade you got away with

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