Day Five: A Cracked Door

Day Five: A Cracked Door

Forever do I feel a gust of wind racing through the crack in my heart

This reminds me of him

A high pitch whistling reminding me of my heart breakAnd though I feel bare

I still feel that love ting

That little light I tried to shine in a house off the coast of his ocean he couldn’t see

But you did

You peered behind our cracked door waiting to slip in

Every time he wasn’t there you showed me the love I had to give

A smile

Even though the words were on the tip of your tongue and I chose to ignore the feelings that we had grown

You had to go

He was coming

I chose to ignore your response to my light house

My heart

My soul

The inner things that made me the love I was left when you stopped peering around my corner

A sliver in my heart

A cracked door

And I knew you had the key to open it


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