Day Four: The Right Person

Day Four: The Right Person

Who am I to let someone that doesn’t see the love in me love me

It’s not love it’s greed

Another material thing you can claim you’ve hadFrom my body you robbed my heart

You took from me what I never intended to share if my love was never sought after to fill up my cup

A glass filled with blood pumping to those parts of me cherished and worshipped by men with eyes that can’t even see me

But unlike a blind man he can feel me

His love is so unconditional

But yet I can’t see to grasp a true understanding of the authentic vibes that I want to collide with

Within us is the source of pure untouched vitality of a feeling

The name does it no justice

The description I can’t feel enough of

Love a deep affection connected at the source

A familiar energy captivating in the eyes of the beholder

Can’t stay away because the electricity of this fire is what draws us


Magnetically pulling relentlessly feeling like death would be the reason this connection would be broken

It’s hopeless

But yet I still believe in this right person


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