Day Fourteen: Chills Up My Spine

Day Fourteen: Chills Up My Spine

Shiver me timbers

Fucking me up the way my words flow

I try to keep from shaking convulsively but my actions never speak louder than words

But in a way they doI make a quick impression of a lazy ghost scaring the bones from my skin

I knew I was coming

I’m surprised there isn’t a loud clatter from my back side

Shuddering vertebrae like a dancing skeleton with untimely dance moves

I knew to move but instead I sat still to try to prevent the embarrassment from the last time

I promised I wouldn’t but here I am again

Harlem shaking into heaven because here I go going up on a Tuesday

Clenching up my back ain’t ever helped the situation

I think I really got this but who am I fooling

I just hope next time I am not on a bumpy ride balancing my coffee and these chills decide to climb up my spine

I guess then I can say back up off me


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