Day Nine: He Said Nothing

Day Nine: He Said Nothing

I wish that he would speak to me

Sing a song with the sound of vibrating words that would move the thing in my chest

But all I could feel in my chest was this pain that didn’t hurt but grewI swear it moans out loud but this sound is all in my head

A rush trying to escape my body

I feel as though on somedays the only way for me to escape is for me to claw it out of my chest

Maybe then he would speak

To me

Sometimes I stare at his eyes for him to say what


But I can never get in

Or maybe there’s nothing there for me to feel

Maybe it’s not mines to have

Maybe his heart is scared of my love and he has none to give

Sometimes I listen to his heart beating in his chest

But it said nothing

I listen closely to the rhythm of his drum

Pulsating blood rushed to every square inch of his body

I wait for his lungs to whisper the words I need to feel

The rise and fall in his chest is poetic but still there is nothing for me to hear

I loved him before I loved myself but why is it that I am still on the receiving end

Unable to connect to the line that keeps pulling from me

I’ve cried from my lost of you but I refuse to cry from the drainage of my heart

I am my love so why do I wait for you

He still said nothing


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