Day Nineteen: The Rotten Part

Day Nineteen: The Rotten Part

Instead of getting a knife to cut it out I eat around it

Maybe there won’t be anymore below the surface

But then what if it’s worse below

Then I can’t stop thinking what if something crept in and ate through it leaving death behind themChanging the color at the surface but killing it from the inside out

And if I take a bite

Blowing it off as nothing

I will consume the death too

On my flawless surface will be a blemish that they will love around it

Thinking maybe if I don’t get close to it it won’t consume me

Burrowed beneath my layers death will find a home in me

Making it’s way in deep

Numbing flesh while I sleep

Searching for the perfect host

Seeking for my demise so it can be free

All I have left is the rotten parts me

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